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Karmafan on Facebook

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Karmafan on Facebook. With 70 million users worldwide, Facebook is a great way for artists to gather support from fans. Facebook also automatically spreads the word to your friends when you give support.

If you’re already on Facebook you can add the Karmafan application to show your friends which artists or sites you have supported. Now you can support or invite artists and sites without leaving Facebook - each time telling your friends who you have supported with Karmafan’s Facebook news feeds.

Even if you aren’t on Facebook you already have a Karmafan page on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/karmafan/fans/profile?name=anonymous

Let your friends know who you support - install the Karmafan application on your Facebook profile:

If you are an artist or a musician just add a site to your Karmafan profile to start receiving support from your fans on Facebook.

See examples of how Karmafan fits into your Facebook profile:

Discuss the ideas behind Karmafan or get help: join the new Karmafan
Forum at http://forum.karmafan.com

An Emotional Investment [800CDs - The Movie]

Kevin Kelly had some very positive ideas about the value of 1000 True Fans, but today he posted a piece about what happens when you’re an artist who finds they don’t seem to have 1000 fans, as Chris Valenti discovered when he realised his dream and recorded an album?

Every independent music artist shares the same experience. They are excited to record their songs and receive their first 1,000 copies of their new CD. After selling some to their fans, giving out others to their family and friends, and sending out copies to various music industry and media people, they then share another experience every other artist has: What do you do with the other 800 CDs still sitting in your living room?

Find out more at 800cdsthemovie.com or watch the trailer on YouTube.

Why are musicians so fixated on the idea of producing a CD that they’re willing to invest that much money in plastic they then have to sell, when all they need to do is record their work and release it over the Internet?

Freeconomics - The Big Giveaway

The Guardian had an article in their G2 section today about how Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of WIRED, is convinced that free is the only way to go:

On the web, the marginal costs of manufacturing and distribution are zero, or close to it. This means that you can now experiment with giving away one thing to sell something else much more than you could in the pre-internet era. The traditional model is of giving 1% of goods away as samples in order to sell 99% of the product; on the web, you can give 99% away as free samples to sell 1%.

When it comes to music, the idea is that a band can gain popularity by giving music away, which creates new fans who will then tell their friends, buy merchandise or attend concerts.

Anderson’s last book, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, argued that it’s possible to thrive by appealing to niche markets. His next will argue that the future of economics is inevitably free:

In every industry where the product can be made into a digital file, somebody is, or is going to be, offering you that product for free because the marginal cost of doing so online is heading towards zero. Divorce papers? Free. Books? Music? Free.

He doesn’t see this as negative. Things have changed, as they always have. Money will continue to flow, but now the barriers to being heard and noticed are so much lower, and that has to be a positive environment for creativity.

Check out the full article by Stuart Jeffries at guardian.co.uk.

Reznor does it again - NiN releases the slip for free

After releasing a new track - Echoplex - on Facebook yesterday, Trent Reznor made a lot of people very happy today when he made the new NiN album available for free download. High-quality formats such as FLAC, M4A and WAVE are being distributed by torrent.

Reznor announced the release of the slip by thanking his fans: “thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one’s on me”. And of course “all files are 100% DRM-free”. I wonder how soon it will be before that statement will seem anachronistic. It’s still hard to believe that people are paying for files with DRM.

The whole download process is efficient and painless. They’ve really been paying attention to how they and others have done this before, learning from mistakes and making it as easy as possible for their fans to start listening.

Oh, and the album is great, too :)

It’s as though Reznor and NiN are providing a blueprint for how it should be done…

Fly Agaric! joins Karmafan

We’re delighted to welcome progressive independent label Fly Agaric! to Karmafan. Fly Agaric! has been producing really great music since 1996 and had 97,000 downloads in 2007.

Proudly independent, Fly Agaric! has embraced the idea of patronage for labels and artists who choose to remain diverse and have made many tracks available free online - check out KU and Alhambra on their catalogue and please make sure to support them using Karmafan!